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Personal statements are an important element throughout anyone’s life. Be it your professional career or academic journey, a personal statement shall help you stand out and help the other person have a fair idea of who you really are.

What’s a personal statement?

A personal statement is a short essay that someone writes to express about themselves. It is an attempt to help others understand your achievements, personality, ambitions, skills, etc.,

You produce a personal statement when applying to some institution or for a job. It helps the reader understand you, and based on that, they usually decide whether you are worth it or not. Writing a personal statement for a university or job requires absolute focus because, in a way, you are expressing yourself with the help of words.

The perfect personal statement

To get a perfect personal statement for yourself, you must consider using the following 5 elements:


Think before you write. List down the points and then carefully weed out things that you think are irrelevant.


Now that you have the right things make a plan on how to proceed. Your personal statement should adequately highlight your strong points.


Don’t just produce a statement and press the send button. Create a draft and then refine it until you are satisfied with the work.


Check for any errors or lacking. If need be, add or subtract things in order to better up your personal statement.

Proofread and submit

Once you are satisfied with the work, proofread it to look for any grammatical and formatting errors. Once that’s done, send with confidence.

What’s The Importance Of A Personal Statement?

Frankly, institutions and job openings receive countless applications, and it’s impossible to meet everyone physically before deciding if they are worth it or not.

Having a great personal statement shows the reader who you are, and that’ll push up your chances to get what you applied for.


Why take help for a personal statement?

A lot of brilliant people often lack their way with words. It’s one thing to be expressive verbally, and it’s one way to put down the right words to define yourself.

A lot of people are denied opportunities they deserve just because they aren’t much expressive with words. That’s why Academics Helper offer people help with personal statements so that they build stellar careers that they deserve.

Get the necessary help for undergraduate personal statement for university from Academic Helpers.

Personal Statement Writing


How can we help?

Academic Helpers is here to help students with their personal statements. We understand what it takes to help you get into your dream university. A lot of top-notch institutions filter out students based on their personal statements.

Harvard, Oxford, Yale, Cornell, you just name it, and you’ll want a personal statement that sets you apart from the other applicants. We can help you by getting the best statements made for you. Our professional writers know what makes for a great statement and are willing to work their magic for you.

And if you are already a student of the above named universities or any other, we offer cheap assignment writing services that you can avail for your own convenience.


Avail our personal statement writing service

Availing our personal statement services is super easy. All that you need to do is come to us and let us know that you need help with the personal statements.

We shall then take in the necessary details from you so that we understand better the type of work that you need. Students that need help with writing personal statements shouldn’t lose out on important academic achievements only because they can’t produce a brilliant essay.

We help them get what they truly deserve.

We understand that students have a lot going on for them, and they are often on a tight schedule. With us, you’ll get the work fast and proper always. We always fulfil what we commit.
Best writers
We have the best talent in the industry working for us. We are proud of it, and this is one reason why we never fail to deliver stellar work. Our writers know what an appreciable personal statement comprises.
Customized statements
Every student is different. We’ll not provide you a one-size-fits-all solution ever. With us, you’ll get a personalised statement that tells the reader only about you and your achievements.
Awesome customer service
Our representatives are ready to assist you whenever you need them to. Just come to us for any assistance you need with your personal statements.
All the work that we provide shall be specifically crafted for you. We never copy the work and deliver it to the clients.
Customized packages
You can get a pricing package just for you. Contact us to get exclusive offers and promotional discounts for your personal statements.

Do you want a personal statement written?

Get the most professional personal statement writers in the UK to produce your personal statements. We have the most talented writers, and that’s why we can easily deliver supreme quality work with consistency.

Choose our services now and get the best personal statements for yourself.

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We also offer many other services, such as our proofreading and editing services in the UK that you avail to make your assignments flawless.

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