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5 steps to follow that can help you write a great essay

Essay writing is an important element for any student’s life. It’s not just a great way to express your opinions and creativity, but an easy way to earn marks if you approach it the right way. In this article, we shall see how to approach essays in a way that earns you marks.

Let’s have a look at the five steps to follow to get great essays:


It can be super tempting to jump the gun and try and get an essay done in one go. However, that will rarely ever produce stellar essays.

To write a great essay, you need to have a roadmap that will lead you to something worth reading. The first step in the roadmap is brainstorming. Before you sit with the essay and begin to write it, you need to sit with the topic and ideate over it.

Sit with the topic and pen down interesting ideas about it. Write everything that you think can be relevant to it. Even if you feel it’s stupid. You can filter it out in the later stages, but initially write it all down as a part of your brainstorming process.


Once you have the ideas, choose the ones that are great and filter out the irrelevant ideas. Practicing this step, the right way, shall help clear the clutter for you. Filtering is an important process that shall help you stay on track when you sit to write the essay.

Once you have the necessary points in one place, all that’s left for you is to sit with them and enunciate them in the right manner.


Begin to elaborate your points. Write in line with the type of essay that you have. There are different types of essays like argumentative, narrative, etc. Produce your points accordingly.

Only write from what you filtered. Remember, it is normal for the mind to go astray and explore new ideas while you write the essay. That’s the reason why you filter out ideas initially.

Don’t change the course unless there’s something absolutely genius that you feel should definitely be a part of the essay.


Now that you have everything in order, you need to proofread what you’ve written. If it’s an exam, then you must do it then and there, obviously. However, if it’s an assignment, and you have time then don’t proofread right away.

It is only natural for the brain to get tired after writing an essay. Therefore, you’ll have a hard time finding the mistakes and errors with a tired set of eyes. Once you are done with the essay, leave the work there and revisit it again.

After a few hours or even the next day, depending upon the time you have in hand. This way, you’ll proofread with a fresh mind and weed out what’s wrong. You may even improve upon something if you think that can get you better marks.

Submit Confidently

A lot of students are hesitant to turn in their work. Following the above mentioned steps shall help you produce brilliant essays. Once you have the work ready, submit it with absolute confidence and hope for the best.

Final Words

Writing an essay takes serious skills. Not taking this seriously can cost you precious marks. If you don’t want to risk your essay marks, then you can take help. That’s a safe option. Hiring an essay writing service can keep your marks safe.

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