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5 Tips For Preparing An Engaging Personal Statement For College Admission

A personal statement is a document submitted by a student to the college or university of their choice to gain admission. This document acts as a supportive measure for your admission application to study at your preferred institute. Most students prefer online personal statement writing service providers because they find it difficult to express themselves through writing. So, seeking the help of professional writers is their pressing need. 

This blog contains some valuable tips that will be useful for you in writing a personal admission statement.

Tips For Writing A Personal Statement For College Admission  

The following are some useful tips from experts of Academics Helper, an online university personal statement writing service, to get assistance. 

Start Writing

Writing is an ageless skill that people still use to earn income. Many may have a misconception about writing; they believe that writing is for only selected people. It is a wrong concept!

Today, innovations have greatly improved writing. Many online tools have been developed that have made it easier. Typing long texts is no longer a problem, as you can easily make the necessary corrections and adjustments. However, relying on those tools is not a good approach.

When writing a personal statement for admission, you should not overthink about a perfect start. Remember that a perfect start only comes when you have skills and written many times. If you have skills, it is good. Nevertheless, it is good to develop your ideas previously to determine areas in which you will write about yourself.  

Concise Paragraphs

Short paragraphs spice up any moment of writing while making it easier for readers to comprehend what you are talking about. They also help you outline your thoughts more simply, making communication effective. Indeed, people read writing with short sentences much more than those with long sentences.

To grab the reader’s attention, refrain from writing more than five or six sentences in a paragraph before finding a logical place to break.

Focus On Your Strengths

Your statement should primarily highlight your area of strengths. It is not wise to say things in which you are generally not strong. You must properly outline your key areas of strength where you can do very well.

However, you must be sure to indicate how your strengths combine with your academic pursuits to help you achieve success. 

Grammatical Construction

Now, many college or university admission applicants fall into the trap of trying to impress the admissions board with grammar. This is contrary to the goal of a personal statement. The general idea is to use intelligible words to communicate meaning and a desire to study.

You can use certain ambiguous words only when they really explain your point better in a few lines. The best rule of thumb is to keep it simple, straight to the point, and most importantly, inspiring.


It is nice to express your point and state your mission, but being too direct is boring. It will make your personal statement very short and unprofessional. Ultimately, it will communicate your laziness and lack of seriousness.

For this very reason, your college or university personal statement should have a length of at least 1000 words. 

You probably think this length is a very big challenge, but it is small. When you develop your writing skills, you can start writing, and all your arguments will flow effortlessly.

Final Thoughts

Writing a personal statement for your college or university admission may be challenging for some students. We hope these tips will help students prepare their personal statements. If you need a personal statement and are confused about starting and writing about the self, Academics Helper has the best solution. We have experts who will gladly provide you with personal statement writing help with absolute guidance. Contact us and produce an engaging personal statement with our professional support!

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