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6 tips to help you to choose your dissertation topic

A dissertation is often the final piece of literature you submit to pass out and get your degree. Its purpose is to get you to use all the knowledge you amassed while you stayed at the university to produce something meaningful.

The dissertation carries a significant number of marks. Acing it is necessary if you want to pass with flying colours. In fact, many students even have to extend their stay at the university because they fail their dissertation and have to attempt again.

In this article, we shall help you in choosing the right dissertation topic. Oftentimes, students end up selecting the wrong topics, which costs them their grades. Midway through the course, they realise the mistake, but it’s too late by then.

Here we shall give you 6 tips that’ll help you select the topic. Remember, the right topic shall make things easy and set you in the right direction. Here are the tips to consider while selecting the topic:

Find something you like

If you have some relevant interests to the course, then choosing that as a topic is a safe option. Primarily because your interest must have already laden you with substantial knowledge about the topic.

Plus, you’d know the areas where you lack, and you’d know the right topics to research upon.

Choose something unique

Choosing something unique can improve your chances of scoring good marks. Remember, your instructors and professors see dissertations year after year. There are seldom new topics that they see.

This means that they’ve already seen some great work on generic topics, and you’ll have to meet the benchmark to score well.

Choosing something unique shall get you appreciation from the instructors, and you may even get marks for trying even if the work isn’t top quality.

Don’t be vague

If you choose ‘how to solve world poverty?’ as your dissertation topic, then you are in for some trouble. Not that it isn’t possible, but the topic is too vague, and there’d be too many variables that you’ll have to tackle.

Plus, it is super subjective, and defending your work can be a hassle towards the end of the dissertation.

Don’t be too narrow

Counter to the vagueness comes from the pinpoint topics. Don’t be too narrow with the topics else, you’ll struggle to do an elaborate dissertation.

Some people choose topics that can have simple yes and no answers and can’t be expanded upon much. That’ll keep you short with the word count. Remember, choose a topic that’s balanced and isn’t on any extreme end.


You don’t need to submit a topic right away. In fact, many students even get weeks to submit the topic. Make sure you research enough before finalising your dissertation topic.

By researching, not only can you find your area of interest, but you can also figure out what efforts it will take to produce the dissertation.

Be objective

It is easy to have biases towards certain topics just because you feel like choosing them. That’s a wrong approach, since you may end up ignoring the negatives of the topic and then regret it later.

The best practice is to be objective in your approach. Research the topic the right way. Don’t be afraid to drop something if you find out that you’ll not be able to handle it later.

Final words

Dissertations are hard. Choosing the right topic can ease things. Yet it is something that’s worth a lot of marks, and you should avoid taking risks. If you are unsure about handling it on your own, then you may as well seek help from dissertation writing services.

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