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Can AI Writing Tools Replace a Professional Essay Writer in 2022?

With the rapid evolution of technology, we have seen one tool get a lot of attention: Artificial Intelligence. It is a synthetic, digital intelligence designed to complete all tasks that we deem unnecessary or too time-consuming to do with conventional methods. 

As such, artificial intelligence, or AI for short, has expanded to many sectors and industries. And surprisingly, it has even begun making an impact on the writing field. Yes, artificial intelligence writing tools are a thing, and they are designed to take a topic, analyse related keywords, do research through programmed channels, and then artificially construct a fully-fledged essay on said topic.

Now, all that is fascinating, but the question remains. Can an AI writing tool replace a human essay writer completely? In this blog, we will take a look at certain pros and cons that will tell you whether AIs have progressed far enough to be a full replacement to a human essay writer. 

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Now, onto the blog,

Pros and Cons:

Yes, there are several undeniable benefits of AI writing technology, and they are listed below:

Time-saving: While the human mind is still far more nuanced than anything developers have achieved with artificial intelligence, we can’t deny the speed at which it works. From choosing an appropriate topic to doing research for the said topic, figuring out the formatting of the essay and writing it out, all this can be done far quicker through an AI than a human could. 

Zero Bias: There is an inherent bias in every human mind. Either it is conscious and actively affects a writer’s ability, or it is subconscious and becomes subtext. An AI doesn’t have a bias towards or against anything. Not unless you specifically program it to have bias. 

Shareable: Copy-pasting what the AI has typed out for you and then sharing it with whoever you want is pretty easy. An AI is only responsible for producing the essay; it isn’t necessarily concerned with what you do with it afterwards.

These were the pros. But it is important to remember that there are distinct disadvantages to AI writing tools that exist because of technological limitations. They are listed below:

Lacks Creativity: They can research and generate ideas for an essay, but even that is to a certain limit. There is a nuance that humans have in their minds that generates creativity that developers have not been able to replicate with artificial intelligence.

Limitations to Complexity: The thing is, while AIs have gotten pretty good at writing, they still need human intervention at some point or another. There are times when a decision must be made regarding some element of the essay. That is a complex decision that AIs are not capable of taking themselves and therefore require human input.

Potential for Plagiarism: Even if you program an AI to avoid plagiarism, the parameters you program aren’t completely efficient. This can create situations where plagiarism might come up and cause an issue. This is another situation where human intervention will be required to fully remove it. 

What’s the verdict?

Artificial intelligence technology has come a long way. It can do tasks in seconds that we might take hours to do. But the biggest limitation of AI is that it still cannot replicate the human creativity, complexity, and nuance that humans can inject their essays with. It cannot make creative decisions or artistic liberties like a human can. Therefore, an AI is inherently limited in the quality of its work. 

So, if you want to get your essay written, you can rely on an AI, but nobody can guarantee you the quality of that essay or whether it contains plagiarism or not. That is why it is recommended to go for an essay writing service like ours. 


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