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How To Reach The Desired Word Count Without Affecting The Quality?

An essay is a combination of details that are well-structured and presentable. It takes a lot of effort and research to pull together an in-depth and instructive piece of writing. Sometimes the research is insufficient, or the writers cannot find more words to lengthen an essay and express their arguments. Such writers will be left with a brief essay in this situation.

Teachers frequently assign a word restriction for pupils to compose an essay; if you do not reach it, you may not receive full marks. Instead of fluffing up your paper with repetition or unnecessary words, which would invalidate all of your hard work, there are appropriate techniques to expand the length of your paper without compromising the quality of your work.

This blog by Academics Helper, the most exemplary assignment writing service in the UK, will show you how to lengthen your essay and meet the word count requirement.

Why Do We Need A More Extended Essay?

First of all, an essay is not supposed to be a summary of the topic. It is a detailed report or document of what you have researched, including references. So, what are the reasons for asking for a lengthy essay?

  • Meet the required length: Many teachers and professors will tell you about the word count or pages your essay should be. If your final work does not meet this condition, your paper may be rejected, or you may receive a low grade.
  • Must be detailed enough: Some specifics are required in an essay to make it complete. When writing your first draft, you probably overlooked some information, and you must discover ways to incorporate it without disrupting the structure of your essay.
  • To make it presentable: Short essays do not have a visually pleasing format. They will appear incomplete and sloppy. When you have such an essay, it may seem that you did not put in the necessary efforts to develop an excellent piece of writing (essay), and your professor will be disappointed.

How To Write More Extended Essays?

Suppose you have extensively researched and written everything you know about a subject but still fail to reach the specified essay length. In that case, the following ideas will help you and show you how to extend your essays.

Increase The Length Of Your Paragraphs

Learn how to lengthen your paragraphs by expanding on them. Reread the paragraphs and become more descriptive in your writing. There will always be more material available on any given subject. A little extra reading will provide you with enough knowledge to add a sentence to most of your paragraphs.

Explain complex terms to provide clarity. This will lengthen the essay and make it easier for readers to understand your message.

Add Some Examples

Examples will assist you in supporting your idea while also demonstrating that you understand the issue and want your readers to comprehend it.

You can use more than one example to clarify your point appropriately. Check wordings and do not disrupt the flow of your essay. Keep in mind that your example ties to what you have written.

Add Quotations

You are not the first person to write on the topic you are studying, and you should seek information from specialists who know more about the issue than you do. If you’re wondering how to make an essay lengthier, use direct quotations from experts.

However, you do not need to crowd your essay with quotations. Use them sparingly and make sure they are related to the rest of your writing.

Avoid Using Contractions

Contractions are not necessary while writing a formal essay. It would be preferable if you did not write essays in the same manner you speak. Your writing should be more professional, and using “can’t, shouldn’t, won’t” and other contractions is unnecessary.

Seek Help Adding Word Count

As you work on lengthening your essay and attaining the needed length, remember that your professor may notice when attempting to fluff your essay. Be strategic, and use the tips mentioned above to guarantee that your essay retains its high quality as it extends longer.

If you feel stuck, rather than searching for “how to make my essay longer” or “do my thesis for me,” consider seeking an expert writing assistance like Academics Helper.

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