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3 Different Types Of Thesis You Should Know

In undergraduate, master, and doctoral programmes, students need to prepare a research-based paper called ‘thesis.’ Many students do not understand this research-based writing project’s primary purpose, types, and importance. Ultimately, either they cannot prepare an engaging and well-researched thesis or submit a poorly written work. You may find that some students prefer getting help from experts, whether from a family member or a friend. Similarly, most students take a prudent approach by contacting online thesis writing services to get academic guidance and support.  

Although getting help from others is an excellent strategy to prepare a thesis, knowing the different types of the thesis task is also necessary. Students who prepare thesis projects without knowing the different types may mess up their projects and fail. Thus, this blog helps you understand the different types of a thesis project.  

Different Types Of Thesis 

A thesis project has different types according to the level of study. You can know the different types of the thesis by differentiating between the different higher education degrees you may be studying. As you can imagine, there are different requirements for a graduate thesis than those for a master’s or doctoral thesis.  

Knowing the types of the thesis will help those students who look for thesis writing help in the UK because they are unaware of these types. Look at the differences between a graduate, master, and doctoral theses in the following:  

  1. Graduate Thesis

The degree thesis corresponds to completing a bachelor’s or graduate degree course. It consists of in-depth research on a research problem or a topic addressed during the degree. It is usually descriptive, suggesting that it is not necessary to make a novel contribution to science.  

The deepening of the themes is moderate and is usually carried out during one or two semesters. A graduate thesis project usually consists of 40 to 90 pages long. In some cases, it is not mandatory to submit this type of work to receive the degree, depending on the course you choose.

  1. Master’s Thesis

The master’s thesis is the final project assigned to students to obtain a master’s degree. Unlike the degree course, a thesis is a mandatory research and writing project in all careers.  

It is considered an initiation work in the research career, so creativity is required when addressing a particular research topic. Due to the level of research depth, the thesis duration usually is from 2 to 4 semesters. 

This project consists of 50 to 120 pages, depending on the course you are studying. It usually includes first-hand data (data collected through interviews, surveys, etc.). The approved thesis is likely to be a resource for publication in a scientific journal or presentation at a conference.

  1. Doctoral Thesis

The doctorate is the highest level in the higher education hierarchy. The doctoral thesis concludes a process of several years in which the student definitively becomes a researcher.

The time to carry out this task is usually 2 or 3 years, or even more. A doctoral thesis includes first-hand data and consists of 100 or more pages, depending on the course. And it is not strange that it is later published in book form. 

The defence of the thesis is carried out in front of a specialised thesis committee that analyses the thesis methods and results. Unlike a master’s thesis, the research problem of a doctoral thesis must be a new one. Its in-depth research work must contribute to the state of knowledge of the science in question.

Final Thoughts

We hope this blog will help you know different types of the thesis to differentiate between them and their purposes. The thesis is a project for UK students who must complete it to obtain their higher education degrees. Therefore, students take it very seriously to have a bright future. If you need help with writing a Master’s thesis in the UK or any academic level, Academics Helper will gladly support you. Our experts make convenience the top priority!

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