A Guide To Writing A Good Dissertation Intro

A Guide To Writing A Good Dissertation Intro

A dissertation is a lengthy piece of writing that is written for academic purposes. It can be quite a time-consuming process requiring a lot of research that should be original and authentic. It is usually a part of a PhD or a master’s degree, but could also be a requirement for a bachelor’s degree. 

You will probably only write down a dissertation even once, and knowing where to start can be quite overwhelming. It can be very confusing to know how or where to start from and how to carry on. A good introduction is a very important aspect of a dissertation. That is the first thing an examiner will note and a lot of times be one of the deciding factors. An appealing intro is what keeps the reader hooked and wanting more. But do not worry. In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about writing a praiseworthy intro.

 The Key Factors Of A Good Intro

  1. Structure

A dissertation structure is how you choose to arrange the contents of your research. It consists of different parts. The parts are also arranged in different paragraphs. Through this, a reader can tell what your dissertation is all about and helps in the navigation of your dissertation. 

Different dissertations have different structures. It all depends on the type of dissertation you are choosing to write. A few other factors, such as approach, topic, and location also play a major role in how you choose to structure your dissertation. A dissertation on the topic of humanities may require you to write in an essay-like structure, while a topic like social sciences has different things and each paragraph should center around a different argument and combine them in the end. 

However, for a correct structure, and to be absolutely sure, it is important you do a thorough research of what is required from you and the guidelines. You could also ask a senior or your supervisor for help regarding this. 

  1. First Page

Next comes your first page. It consists of a few things such as the title, Department name, your own name (obviously), the degree program you are in, the name of the institution, and the date you are submitting your dissertation. Depending on your institution and your program, the importance of the first page can vary. Some departments require your first page to be very well written. Others do not give as much importance.

A dissertation is an important part of your overall degree program and no matter what the requirements, it is important you do your best in all parts of it.

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  1. Table Of Contents

This is a very important component of your dissertation. It gives the reader a brief idea of what your dissertation is all about. 

It is important you frame a nice content page that appeals to the reader enough to move on. It should also contain all topics that you have written about and do not make the mistake of skipping or forgetting to add any because that does not create a good impression. 

  1. Introduction

The introduction should clearly tell the reader what you stand for. Note that it should be relevant to the rest of the body so that it helps navigate the reader the rest of the dissertation. It includes a few key components that are:

  • A good research topic
  • State all the objectives
  • List the questions that you have researched on
  • Tell about your dissertation and give an overview of what it’s all about

A Good Intro Depends On Your Hard Work

The quality of a good intro depends on how hard you are willing to work on your dissertation. The research you carry out, the literature review, the fonts and headings you choose, and the proper formatting of it all. Finding all this a bit too overwhelming? Hire Academics Helper for dissertation writing services to get a better grip on your dissertation and help from our experts will ensure your dissertation is according to your standards and expectations. 

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