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Here’s How To Grab Attention With Your Personal Statement

Studies have shown that, on average, an employer or an admissions officer analyses an application for about 8-10 seconds. If they don’t find it attractive or interesting, it will not be looked at further. So, that highlights the importance of having an attractive application at a glance. But once an employer or an admissions officer starts to review an application in-depth, there has to be something to convince them as to why you are the best option. 

Personal statements play a big role in convincing the employer or admissions officer. But how do you catch their attention with your personal statement? We have written this blog as a kind of personal statement writing help. So, take a look at what makes a great personal statement:

Personal Statements & How To Make Them Convincing

Read All The instructions

Though it is uncommon, you should still take a look at whether there are any specific instructions or requirements regarding how the personal statement should be written. They are usually outlined by the organisation or university. So, you should be mindful of those. Not following those instructions can be an instant rejection in most cases. 

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

A personal statement is supposed to be a way to introduce yourself and a small case of why you are the best candidate for the position. So asking yourself the right questions is important, as it can help you refine the information you are putting into the personal statement. Ask yourself questions that relate to your academic or professional background. 

  • What makes your work or academic experience unique?
  • What are your long-term goals? Both professional and academic.
  • What are the professional or academic challenges that you have overcome in your life?

Answering questions like this in your personal statement sets you apart from personal candidates because they provide a clear picture of you from an academic or professional standpoint. 

And if you are having trouble with all this, you can employ the help of a university personal statement writing service like Academics Helper.

The Right Opening Matters

There are many famous first lines and sentences. And they are famous because they instantly draw the reader in. You can draw inspiration from them and write the first line of your personal statement in a way that captures the employer or admissions officer’s attention. 

If they are hooked from the first line, they will move to the second, and then the third, and so on.

Expand On Your Skills, Achievements & Academics

The main part of your personal statement will be spent highlighting your achievements. What is your work experience? What is your academic history? And from the amalgamation of all these achievements, what makes you and your case unique? 

End It Strong

If your start is strong and attention-catching, your end should be just as strong too. Ending it strong will make sure that the reader keeps your application at the forefront of their minds. It happens a lot that people start off strong but fail to end it strong. And so, by the end, the reader has lost interest, and they set aside the application. Here are a few tips on how to end your statement the right way:

  • Use words like “In conclusion” or “In summary.” This gives off the impression that you know how to tell a story. 
  • Focus on emphasising what you already have stated. Highlight what is most relevant to the employer or admissions officer.
  • Re-iterate your long-term professional and academic goals. 
  • Bring it full circle by mentioning what made you apply to this job or university in the first place. 

Proofread & Edit

For all the quality your personal statement has, if it isn’t proofread and formatted properly, it won’t be considered. So, take your statement and thoroughly proofread it. Ensure that all spelling or grammatical errors are removed. And check the sentences for flow, and see if they have high readability. 

And ensure that your personal statement is formatted properly, as there are points for that too. 

To Wrap Up

Following the above-stated points, you can create the perfect personal statement. And if you can’t write a personal statement, you can avail our help. Academics Helper is a personal statement writing service that specialises in many domains. Contact us today and get your perfect personal statement written today by professional writers.

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