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4 Tips For Making Your PowerPoint Presentation Look Really Good

Poorly designed presentations using PowerPoint are boring and distracting. If you follow some simple rules and tips, you can create an attractive presentation for academic and job purposes. PowerPoint is one of the easy programmes for designing presentations, but having some skills is necessary.  

Just like contacting an expert presentation design agency is a good approach, this blog also contributes to your knowledge improvement by presenting valuable design tips. These tips will help you develop and improve your PowerPoint skills. Keep reading!

Tips For Making A Professional PowerPoint Presentation 

Here are some PPT designing tips that can make your presentation look outstanding in front of your audience.

  1. No Sentences – Only Bullets

Try to make slides as simple as possible by using bullet points and visual images. This way, you can easily capture the audience’s mind and reinforce the main ideas.  

To become a good and influential speaker, you need to deliver the content with correct and clear information. It does not mean you put all information on the slides for the audience to read. They may ignore your slides. Try to keep curiosity among them. 

Instead of listening to you, if the audience is reading your presentation, they may lose the presentation’s core message.

  1. Keep Your Content Concise 

One of the primary mistakes people make is cramming all or excessive details on one slide. This strategy makes it difficult for both the speaker and the audience to grab the exact message. If you leave lots of space on a slide, most probably for main themes or headings, it may assist the audience in paying attention to your key points.

You can use the rule of 6×6 to convey clear and concise content. This rule implies a slide has six bullet points, and each bullet has a maximum of six words.

Keep the presentation’s message concise to make it effective by using keywords to convey it. Remember that it is good to avoid complete sentences unless you are exactly quoting someone or something. 

  1. Use Simple Colours

Follow simple colours, both light and dark shades. Try to use bright colours sparingly because texts with these colours may cause eye fatigue. You can ensure the presentation works well by using dark text on a background with light colour or light text with a dark background. Try not to use intense gradients, as the audience may feel difficulty when reading the text.

Although you can learn skills to design your slides, you can also contact a professional presentation design agency in London to get specialised design services. This approach can help you enhance the appearance of your presentation.

  1. Apply Serif Fonts

Remember that different fonts have different impacts. So, you need to ensure the font you choose matches the presentation’s tone, aim and purpose, and content.

The most popular Serif fonts, including Times New Roman, Georgia, Garamond, and Didot, are best for printed pages. Serif fonts, including Helvetica, Tahoma, and Verdana, are easier for the audience to read on screens. You can also use other fonts, but you need to keep legibility in mind when picking a font.

Try to use one font, or pick two at the most. You can use a font for headings and the other one for texts.

Final Words

We hope this blog will play an important role in developing your presentation designing skills. We also hope you will be able to design an engaging presentation next time with these tips.   

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