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How To Write An Engaging Personal Statement For Your University Admission?

The personal statement is an important part of college and university applications in the United Kingdom. It allows you to demonstrate what makes you eligible for admission. A standard personal statement consists of 4,000 characters to convince the admission committee of your chosen university. Within this limit, you have to show how you are the best applicant.  

Whether you get personal statement writing help from your friend, a family member, or any reliable source, you have these 4,000 characters as your only chance. You need to produce an engaging personal statement to succeed. If you want to know how a good personal statement is made, follow the tips mentioned in the following.

Tips For Writing A Good Personal Statement 

Here are some valuable tips for university applicants to produce excellent personal statements:

  1. Produce A Draft Without Counting Characters

First, think about all your strengths, and then list them on a paper. Write about each of your strengths, and it is good to focus on your academic strengths and achievements. This will show your passion for higher education. Compile all your positive aspects of academic and personal life, including experiences, skills, and knowledge. 

It is also necessary to talk about your good behaviour and how your behaviour would be suitable for your peers, teachers, and the university.     

Remember that you do not have to worry about the rule of 4,000 characters when preparing drafts. You only need to follow this when writing a formal personal statement based on this draft.

  1. Find The Suitable Words 

It sounds more formal and decent if you use these words, for example, ‘accomplish’ instead of ‘do’ and ‘presume’ instead of ‘think’. 

Finding suitable words may not be easy for international applicants since English is their second language. If you are an international student, you can find some helpful translation and synonym websites online to help with this. 

You can also get help from your family members or friends with this. Remember that words are impactful. Even if you are a native, take a careful approach when using words.

  1. Don’t Copy Other Personal Statements 

It is essential to make a write personal statement with all your valid information. Although you can get help from others when writing like a personal statement writing service, you can’t copy other personal statements.  

It is advisable to not read other statements before producing the first few drafts because you will only get false ideas. Remember that each human being is different, and it is not wise to follow others’ ideas. After all, you are unique, and this is only about you.

  1. Don’t Exaggerate And Be Honest

Don’t write about your fluency in French if you can only say “I am fine” in this language. So, don’t exaggerate when presenting information about yourself. Although you can’t write about your weaknesses, it does not mean you give false information. For example, most applicants talk about their problem-solving skills, but they do not have this ability in reality. 

Remember that if you have specific skills and you think you are good, you are good the way you are. So, don’t convey your false image and talk about the truth. The truth will always emerge sooner or later.

  1. Focus On Your Strengths

As mentioned earlier, you have only 4,000 characters to show who you are to the university. An expert marketer communicates well how a product is excellent, and it is the same with a university application. 

When you start writing, focus on the draft you made earlier. You need to write about your strengths, including your academic and professional experiences, skills, and knowledge. Do not forget to talk about your future plans. 

Avoid writing like this, “I am not very good at marketing, but I think this is comprehensible since I don’t like it so much.” 

Final Words

We hope this blog has helped you know how to write an engaging personal statement for university admission. If you want admission in a university, you can follow these tips to get success. And if you want help from a professional university personal statement writing service, don’t hesitate to contact Academics Helper. Contact us and get the necessary help with your personal statement for university admission!

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