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A Guide To Writing Effective Case Studies

Good case study writing is very important if you want to secure good grades in your college or university and impress your mentors. However, what is a case study? 

A case study is a form of research design which looks into different problems regarding a single topic and offers solutions. It is done for a variety of reasons, such as for assignment purposes, to promote products or to encourage and sell ideas. 

A Case Study Is Different Than A Research Paper

Many students confuse a case study with a research paper. However, both of them are different. A research paper is written to direct the attention of people towards a certain issue, while a case study delves even further and explores the minutest of details regarding that problem. 

A case study is basically a story which revolves around a certain person or group of people or even products and identifies different problems that are being faced and finally tells how it was resolved and other solutions. 

What Are The Different Types Of Case Studies?

Case studies are written on a number of different topics, and so are classified into various types. A few important ones are:

Historical Case Studies

These are done to learn more about the events of the past and looking at different perspectives. They are then compared to modern times and lessons and solutions can be taken from these case studies.

Problem-Oriented Case Studies

As the name implies, these case studies are usually done with the intention of finding a solution to a problem. You delve into the case study, research thoroughly and examine what is going on. These are usually done when designing or making products for an engineering assignment or startup and some flaw is noticed. 

Illustrative Case Studies

These explain certain events that took place, investigations into them and all the lessons and outcomes that are revealed.

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The Format Of A Good Case Study

  1. A Summary Of What Your Case Study Is About

The first part of a case study is to give a brief summary of the topic you are trying to tell people. Explain to them what your focus is and what you will examine. Come up with a good, eye-catching thesis statement and write the results in a short manner.

  1. Evaluate The Case

Write about the overall case. The background, the history and the facts. Then isolate the sections of the study that are most important and need to be paid attention to. Tell people why it is functioning or not doing as well. 

  1. Offer Some Solutions

A good case study always has some practical and effective solutions to the issue that is stated. So, after the evaluation is done, tell people how the problem could be solved or at least improved. 

  1. Make A Strategy

Now that you have told everyone all about your case, it is time to make a functional strategy. You also need to provide reasons why you chose this strategy and then tell people about how this strategy can be put into place in an effective manner. 

  1. References And Citations

After everything is done, you need to put in references and citations to build a strong case study and tell people where you researched and chose evidence from. 

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